These Brands Can Boost Your Profits Online Like Nothing Else

21 Jul , 2017 Articles

These Brands Can Boost Your Profits Online Like Nothing Else

The online trading market is booming at the moment. There are millions of e-commerce websites offering different types of fashion pieces and designer clothing to customers from all over the world. If you are looking for an e-commerce solution on how and where to sell your clothes, below are some e-commerce tips on which brands and pieces of fabric sell best currently.

The second-hand market is equally or even more developed than the primary market and brings a lot of profit for many e-commerce website owners. Recently, a few pieces of research were made on which brands are demanded the most on the online market, and a report was made based on the research.

The brands which sell best are Chanel and Hermes, which comes as no surprise considering that anytime a bag from any of these two brands is listed on any type of re-sell e-commerce website, it is guaranteed that it will sell in a few hours. Specifically, a 60% rise in the sales of Hermes’ iconic Constance bags was noticed.

Because the lack of e-commerce marketing, Prada has noticed a drop in the sales, taking it to sixth place and allowing Gucci to make its rise to the top four second-hand reselling brands.

But the biggest rise was noticed in Saint Laurent’s sales, with 167% improved sales caused by all the buzz around the designer Hedi Slimane, followed by Valentino’s rise of 110% following the Rainbow 1973 Collection.

The rest of the Top 10 bestselling second-hand brands consisted of somewhat expected names such as Christian Louboutin, Rolex, and Céline.

On the other hand, a few brands have noticed a slight decrease in sales – Dior, Burberry, and Nano Luggage dropped a few places on the ranking board so if you wanted to resell them, you might want to wait for a bit.

So, if you’re planning on entering the second-hand market, one of the e-commerce tips I can give you is to resell some of the names above to maximize the chances of getting a fast and secure deal. Since the brands are already a name for themselves, the expenses for e-commerce marketing that you would normally have are almost non-existent.

The secondary market, as you can notice, is pretty much the same as the primary one, with the top 10 big names being the ones that sell best and for the highest price.  Because of the known quality and the names these brands have made for themselves, there is always a high demand for their product, not only the new pieces and collections but also the previous ones.

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